Embrace The Stuck…Yeah Right. Not This Time.

Thank you for visiting my blog! You may know, I own a thriving Interior Design Business in Dallas, Texas, and you may also know, that it has been a rocky road. During my steadfast journey, I realized that I not only had a financial goal, but a goal to give back to women entrepreneurs who were just like me.  My mission of this blog is to give you quick fixes and hacks to get your life and business UNSTUCK so you can get back on track towards creating freedom and independence. But, before I do, let me tell you a bit about me so you know that I've been exactly where you are and have used the strategies and hacks that I will share with you.  My name is Traci Connell, and 2010 I was completely stuck in my life and I had no idea how to get unglued.

Brene' Brown is coined for her term, "Embrace the Suck," but no one ever said, "Embrace the Stuck!"  You see, I have been stuck within my circumstances on and off for the last ten years, and really, maybe, well before then.  It is no fun and certainly no way to live!

I am a mom of three amazing children who I raised as a single parent through their teenage years.  Previously, I was married to an alcoholic for 25 years, and in 2011 I was forced to make a decision to remain stuck in my situation or GET UNSTUCK.  I was at a critical point in my life, "I could continue to stay on the roller coaster with him, or I could get off." It took me 15 years of riding this roller coaster before I decided to hop off of it.  I chose to get off and watch him ride alone.   

In 2011-2012, I had a small interior design business that I ran from home, but it did not produce enough revenue to support my new life situation.  Within a year I was thrown another curveball, my children's father died truly meaning that I was on an island to raise my children… talk about a "WTF" moment.  I needed to grow and grow it quickly to put food on the table, so I took a giant step toward getting help and I hired my first business coach. Together, we applied a number of quick fixes and strategies that allowed me to multiply my income and revenues in the first year by 300%.  I was able to do this all while raising my children, attending their activities as well as experiencing the joys of online dating to eventually finding my husband of 1 ½ years- a story for another time! In the last eight years, I have gone from running my business from my kitchen table to a full-blown design studio with 5 employees and support staff.  And, I have witnessed my revenues growing 20x in the time period to over $2.5 million. 

I'm excited to share the lessons I have learned, many of them the hard way, with you so that maybe, just maybe, you can get unstuck quickly and get on the path you were meant to be on.  Next week, I will be sharing with you, "The Reasons We Get Stuck."  It's important to understand why and how we get stuck before we can start moving.

I have been known to have "Analysis Paralysis" and if you have it too,  a one on one Strategy Day with me might be a quick way to catapult you into the right direction. Book a discovery call to see if this Strategy Day would be a good fit for you!

ready to take it to the next level

ready to take it to the next level