Business Deep Dive

If you watched Part One of the last video series on Reinventing your Design Business Offerings, then you are armed with quick revenue producing strategies!  

What if your clients are taking a pause, while you continue to push sales? Yep, it is understandable if they are hesitant in moving forward with design projects… we are, of course, a luxury service. I know your phone will continue to ring, but in the downtime between calls, how about you take a deep dive into the business of your business?

Can you use this time to get prepared for when Covid scare is beyond us and your clients are ready to start up again? I predict we all are going to be bombarded at the same time!

Take look at my next video where I share my best tips on what to do now to work on your business, while you have time. When all Hell broke loose a few years ago for me, I got caught with my pants down! I had to build the car while I was driving it and it was emotionally and physically exhausting. Let's be proactive!

watch my training now

watch my training now